Still Waiting on God? Make Sure You Watch this Video

Are you still waiting on God to accomplish your goals and fulfill your dreams?

If you’re still waiting on God to accomplish your goals, how long are you going to wait? 20, 30, 40 years? How will you know when you get the answer from God. Will it come from someone walking up to you and declare that God revealed to them that you should accomplish your dreams? Will God reveal it to you in a dream? Will you feel an internal prompting?

Let’s talk honestly here. Sometimes, waiting on God only means you are too afraid to go for it. So you wait… and wait… and wait.

St Ignatius of Loyola says “Act as if it all depended on God. Wait as if it all depended on you.”

How Not to Use Waiting on God as a Cop-out

I believe the best approach is a two-pronged approach. Do what ever you need to do to be well on your way to accomplishing your dreams, and at the same time pray for God to really show you if you are on the right path. That way you avoid complacency.

So if you are still waiting on God to give you the green light, forget about that. Just go for it!

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