A Negative Attitude Will Wreck Your Life


SHOW SUMMARY 11/7/2016


How many of you know people who enter a room and suck all the joy out of the room because of his or her negative attitude?

There are  five reasons why people are negative.

Force of Habit

Just like you wake up and go take a shower out of habit, some people automatically respond negatively,  even to positive statements.

For example, you might be excited and tell a co-worker, “Hey, I just got a promotion”!  Their response is “more work for you”.


Take an index card, write something positive on it before you go to sleep.  The next day when you wake up, read the motivational quote and stay positive.

You Don’t Think You Deserve to Be Happy

Some people don’t believe they deserve to be happy.  They believe being pious means you have to walk around with a frown on your face.

Even if you’re suffering, you can still maintain your joy.

Look for verses in the Bible which discusses joy and happiness until you’re convinced that God wants you to be happy.

You Lack the Courage to Be Happy

Sometimes our vocation involves a hard road and maybe we don’t want to face that road.

God made it clear to you what your path is, but you chose to not take that path out of fear.


Look for opportunities to volunteer to do something that puts you on your path to happiness.

Count to 3, then volunteer.  That way you’ll have to keep your word.

Improper Management of Expectations

Some people believe that managing expectations involve expressing lack of confidence in the results or in people yourself down.  This eats away at your self esteem.


Proper management means that you express both the negative and positive outcome possibilities. Be sure to express your enthusiasm about making it work, while also cautiously explaining any negative outcomes.

You Need to Feel Superior

Being cynical often gives the impression that you know something others don’t, and so you end up feeling superior. We should strive to not appear superior.


If you feel you have some knowledge that others don’t, then express your view but in a positive way.

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