“Fearless for Sure” – Segment 1: Overcoming Intellectual/Educational Intimidation

Segment 1: Overcoming Intellectual/Educational Intimidation

Brain-intelligence. Intimidated by intelligence.

Intimidated by Intelligence?

What causes someone to be intimidated by intelligence?

When you come across someone who is vastly more intelligentl than you, it can be like holding up a mirror — a very unforgiving mirror–  which reflects back at you, the gap between your brain power and the apparent genius you’re speaking with.

But never fear.  Help is near.

How do you avoid being intimidated by someone who is smarter than you?

Compete With Yourself, Not Others

The best way, aside from prayer, to not get intimidated or even jealous of others, is to compete with  yourself — not others.

Always strive to be better this year, than you were last year. Always strive to improve.   If you’re not growing, you’re dying.

The worst thing you can do is judge yourself in comparison to others. The person might appear completely self-confident but everyone has weaknesses. Intelligence is so much more than IQ measurements. The person might have a brain for facts. Your intuitive or social intelligence might be so much better. Don’t judge yourself in comparison to that person. If someone you know is great at history, and you love history and would like to become an expert, put in the work and study.

Have you ever noticed that some people are comfortable with people with varying degrees of intelligence? Commit to being that person.

If you currently are not that person, here are some tangible steps you can take to decrease your level of intimidation.

1) Resolve to Become an Expert in a Couple of Key Topics

There are a few reasons that makes people perceive others as intelligent.   One reason is because the person appears to grasp new concepts quickly. Another reason is that they are skilled at coming up with solutions to problems.  Unsurprisingly a third reason is because the person appears to know a lot about a vast array of topics.

We touched upon it above, but one solution is to become an expert in 2-5 topics.  Focus on mastering one topic first, then once you’ve mastered it, master another.  The topics should be fairly easy for you to master, and things  you have either an interest in or a natural affinity for. Don’t attempt to master the Linux operating system, if you can barely manage your Windows computer.

Examples of topics you can master, which will come across as very intelligent:

  • European or American Wars
  • Political Platforms
  • Temperament Theories (Myers-Briggs,  4 Temperaments, Color theory, etc)
  • Global Warming
  • Natural Healing
  • Black Holes & Other Astronomical topics.
  • Archeology
  • Computer Science
  • NLP (neurolinguistic programming)
  • Church History & Liturgy
  • The Bible

2) Learn a Foreign Language  – It Actually makes You Smarter

According to a 2007 study by the  American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages, learning a foreign language makes you smarter:

“Children who study a foreign language, even when this second language study takes time away from the study of mathematics, outperform students who do not study a foreign language and have more mathematical instruction during the school day.”

There are many different types of ways you can learn a foreign language, including taking courses and of course practicing. There are paid software such as Rosetta Stone, but there are also free online sites that can help you learn.  Here are 3 amazing online language immersion sites.


3) Become a Person Who Enjoys Learning from Others

As you work on yourself in teaching yourself more, become a person who enjoys learning from others.

Instead of feeling that the person is using their brain power to impress or cower you, relish learning from them.  It is always good for you to include in your friendships people who know more about something than you.  This is how you grow.

A personal development coach named Jim Rohn, once said, “‘You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.”  If you know more than all your friends, you’re nothing than a big fish in a little pond.  If your friends include someone who is really good in chemistry, you become a little better in chemistry.

These are some ways you could avoid feeling intimidated by intelligence.

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