The Four Temperaments Course

Do you want to learn how to understand anybody?  I mean really understand ANYBODY…

The Four Temperaments has been around for a long time, but never like this.

How This Course Will Change Your Life

  • Understand how some people just irritate the heck out of you?
  • Have a hard time making a decision? Understand why.
  • Know right off-the-bat the personalities are you more likely to get along with?
  • Learn how stop offending people by speaking the language of any person  you interact with.
  • Understand your husband’s ways so you can be crazy about each other again.
  • Learn how to deal with your strong-willed,  sarcastic teen.

So Which Temperament Are You & Have You Mastered Your Temperament?

Phlegmatic – the nice people.four temperaments course

Melancholic – the smart, sad, critical people.

Sanguine – The fun, but flighty extroverts.

Choleric – The driven type-A, scary folks

We Can’t Change Others, but We Can Change Ourselves



I am currently taking a new,  wonderful course on the Four Temperaments, taught by Colleen Hammond.

It is fantastic!

I thought I knew the Four Temperaments inside out because I’ve studied it for years, but I am already learning things I didn’t know, but most importantly, I am applying it to my work with my clients.

How Would Your Life Be Different if You Knew What Makes You Tick & What Makes Others Tick? Could You Not Do More Good in the World?

If you’d like to take the course with me, find out how to register by clicking on the “Learn More” button below.

The Four Temperaments Course

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