Dear Friends,

As you may have noticed, looks a little bit different.

As some of you know, I provide coaching in a variety of areas.

Lately, I have begun to yearn for the old love that I had for relationship coaching.

Before I became Catholic, I used to have an old dating website where I doled out dating advice from a secular perspective.

Recently, I have been getting a lot of relationship questions, and suggestions that I should do relationship counseling again.

So with a deep breath, I’m going to take the plunge¬†and focus on Catholic Courtship.

My desire is to aid and encouragethe proper courtship that is proper to Catholic couples.

Some of you who are Christians, but not Catholic, might also find that these principles make sense to you as well.

I thank all of you have supported me thus far.

I will not delete the older articles, but eventually they will sink to the bottom as relationship article are added.

Rest assured that I will continue to coach those of you who are my current clients.

However, as of right now, I will only be taking  new clients who need my help in their romantic relationships.

God bless all of you and see you on the other side!


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