Is Your Business Like the Walking Dead? 3 Ways to Revitalize Your Business

revitalize your business, walking dead

Nothing is more disappointing than when a promising business loses that spark that made it so special.  All is not lost, however. Here are three ways you can revitalize your business:

Revitalize  Your Business by Revitalizing your Customer Service

A company will only continue to grow if it focuses on providing excellent customer service.

I want to share a story I saw posted on from a Zappos  shoe store customer.

“In May we had ordered several pairs of shoes from Zappos for my mom. She’d lost a lot of weight, and her old shoes were all too big. She had a whole new wardrobe of clothes in pretty colors, that fit, so I wanted her to have some pretty shoes that fit, too, when I took her up to Oregon to stay where her sister is.

Out of seven pairs, only two fit. Not bad considering she’d never been this thin, so I was winging it, and the return shipping is free. The rest were here waiting to be returned. Because of various circumstances – lost label, my mom being hospitalized and me being away, the shoes were never sent back. There’s a time limit on the return of 15 days. Remember this. When you do a return to them, they pay the shipping, but you have to get the shoes to UPS yourself. Remember this, also.


This is where it gets really good.  As you read the following, ask yourself if your business would ever do anything like this.

When I came home this last time, I had an email from Zappos asking about the shoes, since they hadn’t received them. I was just back and not ready to deal with that, so I replied that my mom had died but that I’d send the shoes as soon as I could. They emailed back that they had arranged with UPS to pick up the shoes, so I wouldn’t have to take the time to do it myself. I was so touched. That’s going against corporate policy.

Yesterday, when I came home from town, a florist delivery man was just leaving. It was a beautiful arrangement in a basket with white lilies and roses and carnations. Big and lush and fragrant. I opened the card, and it was from Zappos. I burst into tears. I’m a sucker for kindness, and if that isn’t one of the nicest things I’ve ever had happen to me, I don’t know what is. So…IF YOU BUY SHOES ONLINE, GET THEM FROM ZAPPOS. With hearts like theirs, you know they’re good to do business with.

Now, that’s fantastic customer service which builds brand loyalty!

Revitalize Your Business by Focusing On Your Core Revenue

We live in the digital age, where we are constantly inundated with what other companies are doing.  It is a real temptation to jump on the next profitable niche.  If  you want to revitalize your business however,  then focus on what has brought you revenue in the past and grow your revenue there.

Ask yourself which areas of your business bring more value to your customers.  It doesn’t have to include sales.   If you focus on the areas that bring more value, you will increase your sales, as a side effect.

Revitalize Your Business by Revitalizing your brand

Determine whether you need to refresh your brand. Should you alter the name?  How about a new logo?  What sort of brand experience do you wish to create for your customers? Does your current brand actually do that? Does your social media strategy reflect your brand? If you run a large company,  poll your staff to see if they understand your brand.  Relaunch your brand both inside the company and outside the company.

Are you ready to revitalize your business? Go for it!


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