Do you believe you have a vocation to marriage, yet can’t find the right person to marry?

Do you constantly meet men who claim to be Catholic, yet laugh at the Church’s teaching on premarital sex?

Are you frustrated by the lack of opportunity to meet eligible men?

Do you find yourself getting really hopeful about a woman only for her to break up with you?

Do you have a hard time remaining chaste because of your past?

Are you youngish, but find that men your age prefer younger women?

Do you settle for women or men who don’t deserve you because you are desperate?

Do you have a hard time handling disagreements in your relationship?

Do you wish you were more feminine?

Do you wish you were more masculine?

Do you know when it’s time to ask a woman to court you?


My name is Cynthia Marie Smith and I want to help you

When I was in the world, I used to own a dating website and used to coach on dating.

Even though I can and have coached in different areas, I feel called to focus on helping Catholics and other Christians find their mates through proper godly courtship.

May God bless you on your journey.

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